Gruppo Itas

  • Itas, when
    insurance is clear

    Starting from research with users and their experiences with Itas agents, we designed a website that allows users to discover products based on their needs. The site is fully responsive in three resolutions: desktop, tablet and mobile.

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  • iOS & Android
    fitness tracking

    mywellness cloud is a platform that enriches the experience of people's training and provides the Technogym with the means to improve the business and stay in touch with their customers.

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  • Platform and mobile apps for the management of corporate events

    The application simplifies the process of checking in, creates an environment of private communication for event participants and encourages contribution - all in an intuitive and eye-catching interface.

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  • Indesit Annual Report. Red Dot Design
    award winner

    An innovative interactive infographic designed for key stakeholders. Presented the company's annual accounts alongside its specific achievements - including a responsive timeline showcasing the history of the products. Red Dot Design award winner and CSS Design award winner.

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Alumni Politecnico

  • New Career Service and Alumni portals for Politecnico di Milano

    Career Service: a platform for the match between supply and demand of labor with a win-win relationship.
    Alumni: the new network of 25,000 post-university graduates.

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  • Remarketing is back at BMW with the new portal for online auctions

    A pioneering new web app that's streamlining remarketing for BMW dealers. Features include direct sales, pre-sales, open and closed auctions, advanced searching, management of individual cars and packages, promotions, cart expiry.

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  • Don't miss a second
    of RAI

    Developed in partnership with Microsoft, this pioneering online application allows users to watch TV and video from their pc, tablet and mobile.

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  • Radio DEEJAY

    Your favorite radio on your PC or Windows 8 tablet. with live streaming of programs, podcasts, music, photos and video gallery. Also includes alerts, management of 'favorites' and social networking.

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